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Vivre Sa Vie - 1962

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~   Salman Rushdie 

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She just died like 17 times in that fight


This is so cute.
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disposable camera, summer 2014

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Flat 6/5/1 Room II
The first day where there’s been a few hours in an evening without parties upstairs or in our halls. Last night was one of the largest ones yet for the referendum that’s on the eve for Scotland today, and I finally got some time apart from it all and even as I type this the upstairs flat is starting to blast music for one right now which let’s me know sleep will be next to not tonight. So this post is a little late. But it seems like life keeps moving forward and spending itself empty each revolution but there hasn’t been much living of it in it. I’ll learn to make that change.
So this is to document my apartment, mainly my room and kitchen cause I decorated them (note: the frames in the kitchen I’m drawing art for so it’s not done) which is a feat because there’s only so much quid I can justify spending on an apartment I’ll only have for one year. But for now, this is home.

Opaque  by  andbamnan