this was taken by my babe someonetoforget 🌸

Awe, bebe! xoxo

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Anonymous asked:

boop a doop doop boop a doop boop.

You seem like the type of person who pisses excellence. (:

Anonymous asked:

I knew you were cool the second I saw your playlist on spotify "Fernet Brancas" didn't know that moved any one else but me.

What museum is this question from?
Cause if it isn’t in one.
It needs to be.

Thank you, Flower.

That monologue is on the thrown.
In my inadequate opinion it’s as close to perfection as they’ve come in that genre to record.
Glad I’m not alone in the thought.

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— pretty sure mydearelectricsheep is the only being on Tumblr who will know where exactly this bathroom Célfie is from and I don’t know if the entire concept of a wash room selfie is ready for that.—

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~   Chuck Palahniuk

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